Kathy Angerer for Monroe and Washtenaw Counties
Michigan 55th House District

Health Care

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 Issues: Jobs

We have lost over 185,000 manufacturing jobs in Michigan over the past two years.

Unemployment here exceeds the national average.

The residents of Monroe & Washtenaw County have not been spared the loss of good p aying jobs.

People here are hurting and they need help now.

I have a plan to create and protect good paying jobs in Michigan, and will work with Republicans and other Democrats in Lansing to make that plan a real;ity.

I support the Michigan Economic Development Corporation initiatives to protect and create good paying jobs.

I believe that businesses who remain loyal to Michigan should be rewarded.

We must encourage the growth of locally-owned businesses that will remain in the 55th District, offering employment opportunities to our children and grandchildren.

I am on your side and will be your strong voice in Lansing.

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