Kathy Angerer for Monroe and Washtenaw Counties
Michigan 55th House District

Health Care

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 Issues: Education
Kathy Angerer announcing her Three Keys to Learning initiative.

Caption: Kathy Angerer announcing her "Three Keys to Learning" initiative at Dundee High School. Click image for a larger version.

I worked at Dundee Community Schools for twelve years. I still have two children at Dundee, so I know first hand the value of a quality education.

Every child should have access to a top notch, quality educational program.

Every student has the right to attend a safe, disciplined school.

I believe in smaller class sizes and early childhood education for our students.

A well-educated workforce also will help bring businesses and jobs to Michigan.

We should invest in our schools to ensure that every child has the opportunity for a world-class education.

This community has a history of commitment to public education. I am proud to take OUR shared commitment to Lansing. I will be your strong voice in Lansing on educational issues.

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