Kathy Angerer for Monroe and Washtenaw Counties
Michigan 55th House District

Law Enforcement

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 Angerer Receives UAW Endorsement
Kathy Angerer receiving the UAW endorsement.

Caption: Local 723 CAP Council Chair, Leigh Keggeres (white shirt), Local 892 President Mark Caruso (blue shirt), and Local 898 President Ralph Mayer (brown shirt) present the UAW endorsement of Kathy Angerer. Click photo for a larger version.

Saline, 29 June 2004 -- The Michigan United Auto Workers has announced its endorsement of Kathy Angerer, Democratic candidate for the 55th District seat in the Michigan House of Representatives.

UAW members and supporters rallied at the Local 892 union hall in Saline Tuesday in support of Angerer in her race against incumbent Rep. Matt Milosch (R-Lambertville), who they said does not vote in the best interests of working families.

“Working families in Michigan deserve a legislator who will partner with them and fight for them,” said Local 723 President Bob Cebina. “When it comes to creating and protecting good-paying jobs, Kathy Angerer will be the friend we need in Lansing.”

Local 892 President Mark Caruso and Local 898 President Ralph Mayer also voiced strong support for Angerer.

“UAW members in Monroe and Washtenaw counties are confident that Kathy Angerer is the best person to represent them in Michigan House of Representatives because they know she’s on their side, not the side of big money,” Caruso said.

Mayer added that Milosch’s anti-worker voting record is appalling.

“It’s time to send Matt Milosch back to his family’s golf course and elect Kathy Angerer because she understands what it means to work for a living,” Mayer said. The UAW has 460,000 members in Michigan.

Angerer expressed gratitude at receiving the endorsement and pledged to work hard for working families.

“I am proud to have the support of my hardworking friends in the UAW,” Angerer said.

“Together, we will fight to create and protect good-paying jobs, provide affordable health care and prescription drugs coverage and protect pensions so that our seniors can live out their golden years with financial security they earned and deserve”

Angerer added, “I believe if you work hard you deserve a good wage, health care for you and your family and a pension or 401(k) that no one can take away.”

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